Sunday, February 20, 2011

Miscellaneous Ramblings

I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd update everyone on what's been going on around these parts.

1. Sickness. Yes, we've been sick the past couple of weeks. It's really no fun being sick. Mom got sick first, then Lindsay, then I got the sniffles, but I was lucky and never got any sicker than that. Josh was sick last Saturday, but he only had like a 24 hour virus. Now, this weekend, Pop's sick.

2. School. We'd just gotten back with it when we got sick. Last week I did school, though, and I'm in one if those stages when I really like it. I read Johnny Tremain last week for history and loved it! I liked it so much I read it all in one day! ;) I spent the next few days of history just answering questions and stuff. Now I'm reading Carry on, Mr. Bowditch for history. I actually read it last year, but liked it, so I don't mind reading it again.

3. Our microwave has been broken for the past week. You never realize how much you rely on it until it breaks on you. I mean, really. That's how you defrost and cook chicken, heat up leftovers, pop a bag of popcorn.  It's sad how much you rely on it. Someone's supposed to come out Tuesday to look at it, and hopefully fix it.

4. Yesterday Lindsay and I groomed Toby. It was ridiculous. The whole day it had been really nice- not too cold, but not too warm. Then we go out there and  (1) The hose water is freezing, so Toby got a really cold bath (and Lindsay accidentally sprayed my pants like 3 times), (2) After the bath it was really windy and it got cloudy. He was shivering most of the time, and Lindsay and I ran in and got our jackets about halfway through. Gees, that was a long three hours.

5. It's been snowing most of the day, but it hasn't been cold enough to stick. About an hour ago, though, it started snowing pretty hard and sticking, so... we may have some sitting around in the morning. Who knows around here.

I took that picture when we were in Baton Rouge and have always liked it. :)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

My New Favorite Commercial

I saw this commercial a few days ago and thought it was really funny. All dressed up and "driving", the monkeys are just too cute! ;)

Isn't that hilarious?


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sista!! :D

Today is my sister Lindsay's 18th birthday! Lindsay, you are now officially a grownup. That's weird. ;) 

You are such a good sister. We have so much in common and have such a blast together... especially when we get silly. :) I love you!

 Me and Lindsay in September of 2010

Neat and orderly (usually) ;)
Adorable ;)
You are great!!!

Okay, I had to compromise on the "y", but doesn't everyone when there's a "y" in the name? 

I hope you have a wonderful day! Be sure to go tell her happy birthday! :)

Love you so much!!