Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ABC's of Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Rachel, at Finding Joy, is hosting the ABC's of Thanks link-up, so I decided to join in! I thought about doing a post like this before, but never got around to it. Now I'm glad I waited! ;)

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Dogs and cats

Energy. What would we do without it?!

Family and friends

Games ( board games, card games, etc… )

Hot chocolate





Music and movies

New clothes



Quiet time reading the Bible or just any book.


Snow. Love it! :)

Trials. We may not like them, but once we get through them we’re stronger and are thankful for them.

United States. I’m so blessed to live here!


White Christmas’s

X-tra hot chocolate. ;)

Yellow. Yellow, green, red, and blue are my favorite colors. :)

Zoos. I only said that because I couldn’t think of anything else. *sigh*
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yes, I'm Rambling...

I haven't posted in a while. Sorry. Last week I was busy with school mostly, but I also went to a movie night at a family at church's house and went rollerblading with Josh a few times.

I feel like being random, so here you go! :)

1. I've been really looking forward to Thanksgiving and can't believe it's only a couple of days away! :D We're going shopping for the meal later today.

2. We always take school off during the week of Thanksgiving. My first holiday break of this school year is here! ;)

3. I watched Northanger Abbey for the first time yesterday. I liked it! It was funnier than most Jane Austen movies.

4. Later today my sister and I have to give Toby a bath and groom him. We've been putting it off for a few days now, but can't any longer. He's so shaggy and stinks!

5. Our cat Sam spends all day (every day) up in my parent's room. He likes it up there because it's warmer than the rest of the house. But, I've concluded, he is a very boring and predictable animal. ;)

6. We got a little snow yesterday, but it was about as much as we got last time. It was colder, though, so it stuck around for a while.

7. The high Thursday is 32 degrees and the low is 10 degrees. I love cold weather! :)

8. Usually, when I make myself eggs, I put milk, cheese, and Tony Chachere in them. :). I only just said that because I made some eggs a few minutes ago. ;) I think that's the best way to have them.

9. Me and Josh are really looking forward to making some more sugar cookies and decorating them. This year we have more cookie cutters, too. :)

10. I put marshmallow creme on top of hot chocolate and most coffee drinks. I think it's the best! :)

Talk to y'all later!


Friday, November 12, 2010

First snow of the year and a giveaway!

Yesterday morning I looked out the window and saw the ground was dusted with snow. This was our first snow of the year, so I was pretty excited. We didn't get very much, just enough to cover the ground, but I don't care. ;)

We had a pretty sunset, too. :)

Now I'm looking forward to the next snow. Hopefully we'll get more, then. :)

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Also, Carlotta is having a giveaway to celebrate getting 500 followers! :) You really should go enter! :)


Monday, November 8, 2010

Movie Quote Game Answers! ;)

Y'all did pretty well! All but one was guessed. ;)

#1- The Importance of Being Earnest (Jack and Algy)

Guessed by-  Polka Dot, Emily, Alexandra!, Miss Bea, and Miss Laurie

#2- Titanic (Rose and Jack)

Guessed by-  Taylor

#3- Napoleon Dynamite (Napoleon and Uncle Ricco)

Guessed by-  Alissa, Hannah, and Eldarwen

#4- The Santa Clause (Scott Calvin)

Guessed by-  Emily, Sara H., Alexandra!, Alissa, and Sarah

#5- Little Women (Laurie)

 Guessed by- Hannah, Miss Laurie, Eldarwen, Alexandra!, Sarah, Sarah H., Emily, and Polka Dot

#6- The Polar Express- (Hobo and Hero Boy)

Guessed by-  Charity U.

#7- Dead Man's Chest (Elizabeth and Jack)

Guessed by- Miss Laurie, Taylor, Eldarwen, and Emily

#8- Bringing Up Baby- (Susan and David)

Guessed by-  Sarah

#9- Emma (Emma and Harriet)

Guessed by-  Alissa, Hannah, Miss Laurie, Alexandra!, Sarah, Emily, and Polka Dot

#10- Ratatouille (Linguini and Colette)

Guessed by-  Polka Dot, Alexandra!, Alissa, and Sarah

#11- Cars ( Lightning McQueen)

Guessed by- Sierra, Emily, and Charity U.

#12- Sense and Sensibility (Marianne and Margaret)

Guessed by- Alissa, Miss Laurie, Miss Bea, Sarah, Sierra, Emily, Alexandra!, and Polka Dot

#13- Parent Trap (Annie and Hallie)

Guessed by- Emily

#14- Alice in Wonderland (Mad Hatter)

Guessed by- Hannah and Polka Dot

#15- The Two Towers (Gollum)

Guessed by- nobody. I was really surprised no one got this one. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks everyone for guessing! :) I had a lot of fun with it!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Movie Quote Game! :)

Since I couldn't think of anything to post and I've been wanting to do one of these for a while, I decided I'd post some quotes for y'all to guess.

1. Pick 15 of your favorite movies and TV shows.
2. Go to and find a quote from each movie/show.
3. Post them for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
NO cheating, if you don't know any of them then that's just too bad.

 ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

#1. Character 1: How you can sit there eating muffins when we're in this terrible trouble, I can't make out! It seems to me to be perfectly heartless...
Character 2: I can hardly eat muffins in an agitated manner. The butter would probably get on my cuffs.
#2.  Character 1: I know what you must be thinking. "Poor little rich girl, what does she know about misery?"
Character 2: No, no, that's not what I was thinking. What I was thinking was, what could've happened to this girl to make her feel she had no way out?

#3. Character 1: Grandma just called and said you're supposed to go home.
Character 2: She didn't tell me anything.
Character 1: Too bad, she said she doesn't want you here when she gets back because you've been ruining everybody's lives and eating all our steak.
Character 2: I'm not goin' anywhere.
Character 1: Get off my property!
Character 2: It's a free country. I can do whatever I want.
Character 1: Get off my property or I'll call the cops on you.
Character 2: Well then do it! Go on!
Character 1: Maybe I will, GOSH!

#4. Character 1: Bee sting. Evidently I'm allergic. It almost killed me. But, the guy at the Emergency Room said that eventually the swelling will go down. I hope.

#5.  Character 1: Someday you'll find a man, a good man, and you'll love him, and marry him, and live and die for him. And I'll be hanged if I stand by and watch.

#6. Character 1: That skirt you're chasing must've moved on ahead. We got to high tail it to the hog, pronto!
Character 2: The hog?
Character 1: The engine. The engine, you tenderfoot. We've got to make it before we hit Flat-Top Tunnel.
Character 2: Why?
Character 1: [sighs] So many questions. There's but one inch of clearance between the roof of this rattler and the top of Flat-Top Tunnel. Savvy?

#7.  Character 1: Why doesn't your compass work?
Character 2: ...My compass works fine.

#8. Character 1: You mean you want *me* to go home?
Character 2: Yes.
Character 1: You mean you don't want me to help you any more?
Character 2: No.
Character 1: After all the fun we've had?
Character 2: Yes.
Character 1: And after all the things I've done for you?
Character 2: That's what I mean.

#9. Character 1: There is only one thing to do with a person as impossible as she.
Character 2 What?
Character 1: I must throw a party for her. Otherwise everyone will feel at once how much I dislike her.

10.  Character 1: What are you doing?
Character 2: Uh... vegetables. I'm cooking the... vegetables?
Charater 1: No! You waste energy and time! You think cooking is a cute job, eh? Like Mommy in the kitchen? Well, Mommy never had to face the dinner rush while the orders come flooding in, and every dish is different and none are simple, and all different cooking time, but must arrive at the customer's table at exactly the same time, hot and perfect! Every second counts and you CANNOT be MOMMY!

11. Character 1: I create feelings in others that they themselves don't understand.

12. Character 1: Come, I'm taking you on a walk.
Character 2: No, I've been on a walk.
Character 1: You need another.
Character 2: It's going to rain.
Character1: It is NOT going to rain.
Character 2: You ALWAYS say that, and then it ALWAYS does
13. Character 1: That girl is without a doubt, the lowest, most awful creature to ever walk the planet!
Character 2: [watching from outside, impersonating Elvis] Thank you, thank you very much.

14.  Character 1: When that day comes I shall futterwacken... vigorously.

15. Character 1: We be nice to them, if they be nice to us.

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~

Have fun guessing! :D I'll post the answers sometime during the next few days. :)