Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busy, Busy...

I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting very much lately, but we have been non-stop I just haven't had the time. I'll tell everyone what we've been up to.

my sister met her pen pal. They've been writing each other for about four years and are great friends, so it was really neat. I was excited because Lindsay's pen pal had a sister who was my age and we became quick friends and decided to write each other. :) Me and Lindsay spent the day with them doing some fun things before they came over to have dinner with our family. They are such a sweet and Godly family, it was a privelege to meet them.

Then with moving. We got the house on the market last week and are really hoping and praying for a quick sale. One thing's for sure, it stays pretty neat this way! ;)

Last week we had three moving guys from three different moving companies come over and give us an estimate on how much it will cost them to move us. We decided to let the moving company pack the house instead of packing it ourselves. Mom doesn't have very fond memories of our last move. Let's just say she waited two weeks before we were supposed to move to start packing and we girls were too small to help her very much. So she was panicking by the time the moving truck pulled up 'cause she still had some things to pack!

Also we got a new van yesterday! Yay! After using the same one for fifteen years it is quite a change and will take some getting use to. We actually ended up getting the same kind our friend let us use when going up to the place we are moving to. We just loved it so much!

We are going to head back up there to look for a house tomorrow and will be gone for a week. Hopefully we will find one that we like, because we don't have much time until we move up there. If we don't find one then we'll have to rent, which wouldn't be that bad. But it would just be wonderful and a big blessing if we could find one fairly easy.

I have to go now, it's supper time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I Did for a Muffin...

Well, I will share another embarrassing moment that I had on our recent trip. Let me warn y'all, this is really embarrassing! Here goes:

Me and
Lindsay were downstairs getting breakfast at the hotel we were staying at. I had a biscuit and some eggs on my plate, but wanted one more thing. I was looking around and just had to see it, just had to; a jumbo chocolate chip muffin!

I held a quick five second debate with myself before going to get it. I found a small little area on the counter to put my plate while I got the muffin (it was in the very back, of course!). So there I was, maneuvering all the other muffins around with the tongs and trying to get to that chocolate chip muffin that I just had to have.

I finally reached it and just as I put it on my plate the plate fell off the counter! Yikes! Yeah, there went my eggs, but I was able to keep my plate, muffin, and biscuit from falling by quickly leaning my leg up against the cabinets and catching them. I looked over just in time to hear Lindsay say, "Oh, Haley." And that's just how I felt!

Lindsay went over and got some napkins for me to clean the eggs up with. And so I cleaned them up, knowing that the people who were sitting in the breakfast room "eating" were really staring at me; I just didn't want to look up.

When I finished cleaning them up I stood up and marched over to get some more eggs. Needless to say we decided to go back to our room to eat. ;) But little did I know that the most embarrassing part hadn't even happened yet!

Right before leaving, me and Lindsay went back to get some apple juice. And on the way out I looked down to find out that I had been walking around all morning with shoes all speckled with dried eggs! That was it, I was so embarrassed, I had to laugh!

And that is what I did for a muffin! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Embarrassing Moment

Well, you know the thing I said y'all would never guess? Well, here it is. When at hotels we always have to get two rooms, one for us girls and another for Mom, Pop, and Josh. We like to get adjoining rooms whenever possible but usually can't. So that time it was the same only, instead of being down the hall they were on different floors. The girls got the room on the second floor and the others stayed on the first.

Me, Lindsay, and Christine were going back up to our room in the elevator. Everything was just fine until we got to the second floor, because once there the elevator doors didn't open. So we stood there for a second looking at each other until I said, "It's broken." Christine said, " Oh hush Haley, it isn't broken." So, after standing there a minute longer Lindsay said, "What do we do?" There was a button that you pressed in emergencies, so we pressed it. It made the phone at the lobby ring and we had to tell them that we were stuck in the elevator.

By that time we were trying not to laugh. I mean, getting stuck in the elevator is kind of embarrassing. So, once they figured out what floor we were on someone went up there and was able to open the doors.

And that is how I got stuck in an elevator. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We're Back!

Well, as you can tell, we are back home. It was a very long week full of driving but we came home with some great news... Pop got the job! To say the least, we are excited. The area is just beautiful, has perfect weather, and is away from the city. The coming weeks are going to be very busy and hectic, but we can't wait for them!

This week we are going to try to get our house on the market, find out when we can go back up there to look for a house, and probably start the packing/throwing away part.

My sister took 387 pictures on the trip, so if you want to see some just go
here. She hasn't posted any yet, but will soon. She's definitely the photographer in the family.

Something happend to me and my sisters on the trip that I thought would never ever happen, but I'll save that for another blog post because I need to go soon and you know how I like to go into detail about everything. :) I'll give y'all a hint though, it had to do with a hotel. Any guesses? ;)

I have to go now! I hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

We're Off... Again!

As you can tell by the title we are going to go on a trip soon. For those of you who don't know, Pop is out of work now and has been looking for a job for a while. We have had some responses, but God has not shown us the right job yet, and we are still trying to wait patiently for his perfect timing.

Sooooo, right now we are getting ready to go on a week long trip for a job interview. We are leaving early Monday morning. Early means five thirty! I am use to getting up at five thirty, not leaving for somewhere then! That will prove to be a little challenging, but we can do it.One of Pop's friends is letting us use his van so we don't have to go out to rent a vehicle. We are so thankful that God put it in his heart to do that, it is such a blessing! Pop is going to go get the van Sunday afternoon and we'll pack it up that evening. Getting it packed up in the evening will save us a lot of time Monday morning.

In the meantime, we're packing our bags today and going to our church's Fourth of July party. Tomorrow we're going to church, dropping our dog off at the boarding place, going to the store for last minute things, and making cookies to bring on the trip. Can't go on a trip without homemade goodies! :)

We'll be driving Monday and most of Tuesday, then Pop's interview is Wednesday. We're going to stay Thursday and then drive home Friday and Saturday. That's just the plan; we're not totally sure about everything. We will just have to see what happens.

Sorry I rambled on and on about it, just wanted to let y'all know why I won't be posting next week. Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone has a fun day.

For Him,