Thursday, May 26, 2011

He Won! Yay! ;)

Name- Scotty McCreery
Age- 17
From- Garner, North Carolina

The other day Mom and I heard on the radio that the last two contestants on American Idol were both country singers. When we heard that we wanted to see who they were and who we wanted to win. We don't ever watch it because it's just not our type of show, but since it was the finals and both of the singers were country, we made an exception.

Basically when we first saw them we both knew we wanted Scotty to win. And we both said he has a deep voice like Josh Turner or Chris Young. So I thought it was funny when I saw he sang part of  "Long Black Train", and "Your Man", both songs by Josh Turner, during the season.

Yesterday Mom and I tuned in at seven, but, besides seeing Scotty sing with Tim McGraw and Lauren with Carrie Underwood we really didn't care for any of the performances and mostly watched Ever After, which was on, too. ;) Finally, though, it was 8:55 and they announced the winners. And Scotty won! Yay!!! I really thought Lauren would win, and was so excited when the host read "And the winner of American Idol, season ten, is...Scotty McCreery!" Yep, Mom and I were very happy with the results. :)

I really like his first single- "I Love You This Big".

Can you tell I'm really glad he won? ;)


Monday, May 23, 2011

a few random things

So yes, we got back on the 15th, I just haven't posted yet. I didn't take very many pictures, but Lindsay took tons and said I could use the ones she took if I want to post any pictures from the trip. Which I probably will, just not today.

This week we're going to go see On Stranger Tides. Did you know that movie made $346,400,000 in three days?! Now that's what I call a blockbuster opening weekend! Considering the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are some of my favorites I am very excited about going to see it. :) Have you seen it yet?

Still on the On Stranger Tides subject. We got the soundtrack last weekend and I just loaded it onto my ipod. So far I like it. I always like Hans Zimmer music, though, so that's no surprise. ;) I'm not sure if I'll like all the remixes. We'll see. I may end up taking them off, but who knows, I may like them.

Lately most of the pictures I post are taken by my sister (who takes great pictures, by the way ;). The reasons being: she has a really nice camera and likes photography more than me, so it only makes since that she takes lots more pictures than me and that her pictures are a better quality. But the other day I was editing the pictures I took on the trip and I was like "Gees, editing takes a long time." I use to like it a lot, and still do, but I never realized how time consuming it can be. And usually I'd rather be doing something else. So that's why I haven't posted my pictures from the trip- I haven't edited them yet.

Okay, so this was kind of a jumbled up, makes no sense post, but I don't care. I had to post something. Sorry I've been such a horrible blogger lately. I'll try to do better, I promise! :) I have quite a few post ideas, it's just taking the time to get them posted that's the problem.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

just a quick note to say...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've no excuse except I just haven't wanted to put one together. How lazy is that?! Anyway, I'm here now to let y'all know I'll be gone for a little longer. Me and my family are leaving on a trip to Louisiana bright and early tomorrow morning, so don't be expecting any posts from me next week.

This lucky boy gets to go with us. ;) But that also means Lindsay and I are faced with bathing and grooming him today. Nooooooooooooooooo! Okay, not really. We certainly don't look forward to it, but it's not that bad. ;) Pretty soon he'll be sporting that groomed and manicured look that he has in the picture, not the shaggy and messy one he has now. Yay! ;)

Okay, so I'll be "seeing" y'all in a little while!