Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're Back!

Hello everybody,
We are back from our trip and wiped out. It is so hard to think that we just left yesterday! It seems like we've been gone for three days! We had so much stuff to do, and so little time to do it.

Overall, everything went well. Pop had a really good interview. We expect to hear back from the company either later this week or the beginning of the next.

I wanted to thank everybody who has been praying for me and my family. The prayers are much appreciated.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everybody know that we had a good trip, and, thanks to God's grace, traveled safely.

For Him,

Monday, February 23, 2009

We're Off!

Hello all,
I just wanted to let everybody know that my blog will be silent for most of the coming week. We have some very busy days ahead of us.

First, we are leaving for our trip later today. We will get back sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Then Wednesday we have some dentist and orthodontist appointments. And we are going to hold a church men's meeting at our house. That calls for some cooking and a little bit of cleaning! :)

So by the time Thursday and Friday come around we won't feel like doing anything but lay around and maybe watch a movie. :)

Really we have been going non stop since last Friday. We had to do a major cleaning Friday because some realatives came to visit. We hadn't seen them in four or five years. Boy, that's sad when you can't even remember when the last time you saw somebody was! So anyway, they came Saturday and left Saturday afternoon.

Then we went to church Sunday and stayed for the meal afterwards. When we got home we had to bring our dog to the boarding place.

So we have been pretty busy and it's going to stay that way for a few more days. I just wanted to let everybody know why I'm not going to be posting.

For Him,

Friday, February 20, 2009

50 Things

I've been tagged by my sister Lindsay over at Content in Christ.

Here are the rules: Try to come up with 50 facts about yourself. If you're tagged you must try to do it! Its o.k. if you don't make it all the way to 50. You may use things from previous tags. Just have fun!

1. I have very thick hair.
2. The only fast food restaurant I like is Wendy's.
3. My sister Lindsay is going to teach me how to sew. :)
4. I've had eight teeth pulled. (only four permanent ones)
5. I've made white socks turn pink while doing laundry.
6. I can make some mean biscuits! :)
7. I would like to learn how to knit and play the piano.
8. I once swallowed a whole hard candy by accident.
9. I'm far sighted.
10. I wear goggles when cutting onions. (It works!)
11. When I was little, I hid the key to my grandparent's grandfather clock. (I never told anyone where I hid it, and they had to go have another one made.)
12. I do math on the computer.
13. I've been to a Civil War battlefield.
14. Even though I don't know how to read music, I learned how to play "Chopsticks" on the piano.
15. I have four pen pals. One lives in Australia.
16. I tried to cut my bangs once, but they turned out lopsided. :)
17. I have a big sweet tooth!
18. I once locked myself out of my bedroom by accident.
19. I don't like pork.
20. I'm a good third baseman in baseball, but a bad batter.
21. I keep a journal.
22. I don't like cereal.
23. I've been stung by a caterpillar.
24. I'm afraid of heights.
25. I've petted buffalo and bison.
26. Our family van and refrigerator are older than I am. They're still running!
27. I've been doing my own laundry since I was twelve.
28. I love fountain coke.
29. I like to pick up and carry our dog Toby.
30. I have a certain way I sharpen my pencils.
31. Sometimes I call our cat Remy "Mr. Sweets."
32. I have a stuffed monkey named Mr. Muggins.
33. My room is painted yellow, white, and green. (The green is only on part of the doors.)
34. I would like to learn how to speak French and Russian.
35. One of my favorite songs is "Be Thou My Vision."
36. I love stickers!
37. For the past four years, I have helped my siblings make Christmas cards to send to American soldiers.
38. I like canned peaches more than fresh ones.
39. When I was little, I stuck pins in all the phone jacks.
40. I never stay up past 1:00, and never get up past 9:30.
41. I love tea parties!
42. I don't like to watch very much TV.
43. I used to want a Yorkshire Terrier.
44. I would like to learn calligraphy.
45. I want a pet rabbit.
46. I don't like coffee.
47. I like Lamplighter books.
48. I hate talking on the phone.
49. I once drank a bottle of water in less than a minute.
50. I can wink my right eye, but not my left one.

I tag the following people:

Rachel and Jessica
McKenzie Elizabeth

A Blogging Award!

Jenna, from My Strength and Song, awarded me with the "Excellence in Blogcasting" award. Thanks, Jenna!

There are a few rules. 1) Post the award on my blog; 2) Pass it on to some friends, up to 15; and 3) I have to let them know they've received the award. Here are the people I'm passing the award on to.

Tara, Kelly, and Elizabeth at Daughters of Vision

Moriah at Growing in His Amazing Grace

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here are some pictures of our pets. We have two cats, who are named Remy and Chino. Chino, who used to be a stray, adopted us last year. :) We also have a dog named Toby. Enjoy!





Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Please Pray

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.'" - Isaiah 30:21

Me and my family have been learning the full meaning of this verse the past few weeks. For those of you who don't know, Pop was laid off of his job a few weeks ago.

We see this as a blessing for us, because we have been wanting to move out of the city-like atmosphere for about a year now. We have just been praying that God would make it clear to us where He wants us to go, if anywhere.

It looks like we will be taking a little trip next week so Pop can interview for a job. We are excited to go and check out the town and job. So please pray for us next week - that God would make it clear whether He wants us there or not.

- Thanks,

Monday, February 16, 2009


Welcome to my first blog, "Haley's Happenings." I am very excited about it and will use it to glorify God.

I hope to post on a wide variety of subjects - including purity, homemaking, modesty, everyday life, and much more!

May everyone who reads it be blessed and given peace from our Father above.

For Him,