Monday, August 8, 2011

Saturday Fun

Last Saturday Mom, Lindsay, Josh, and I went shopping. I usually don't take money with me when we go to Target or the bookstore or wherever. Just because, if I have it there to spend, I'll more than likely find something to spend it on. So, it's not very often that I actually have some with me to spend... if I want. ;)  And, as you'll see, Saturday I brought money with me... and spent it. ;)

First we went to Hastings where I got these:

I know I could have gotten them cheaper somewhere else, but I loved the cover art! Especially Waverley's. :)

Then we went to Beall's, where I got these:

Okay, y'all need to know that two pairs were $6.00, one was $7.20, and the last was $3.00!! Yes, they were having a big sale. I am very happy with my purchases. Cheap purchases, I might add. ;)

On the way home we stopped at Sonic for Happy Hour, and the fun day ended with my all time favorite meal- hamburgers and French fries. So good! :)

Did you have a good weekend?


Monday, August 1, 2011

The Next Food Network Star

Okay, so let's just say I was not happy about last night's elimination. Whitney, gone? Mary Beth SO should have gone instead. I like Whitney so much better. I'm sad that she's gone. :(

So, in the beginning I was pulling for Orchid, Whitney, Susie, and Vic. Those were my four favorites. Now only Vic and Susie are left. And, although I still really like them, I think I've decided I want this guy to win. :)

He kind of suddenly jumped out there and got really good. Now if he can just keep it up! He has a blog where he talks about each episode as they come on. It's pretty interesting. Just go here, if you want to see it.

Oh, and Mary Beth has a blog where she talks about the episodes, too. I haven't really read it, but Lindsay said it was good (she's the one who found both blogs). You can check it out here.

All right, so this post makes no sense to those who don't watch the show, but those who do watch it know exactly what I'm talking about. If you watch it-

What did you think about last night's elimination?

Who do you want to win?

Let me know!! :)