Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Guitar

So here are a few pictures of my guitar. :) Yes, I'm still loving it. ;)

I love the fleur de lis at the top of the guitar. Definitely one of my favorite parts of it. :)



Shannon said...

Oh, it is such a lovely guitaer! Wonderful pictures of it! May the Lord bless you as you praise Him with this instrument!

In Christ,

Tawnee said...

It's beautiful! I love it. :) Where did you get it?

mary ann said...

It's so pretty! Does it have a name? (sorry if you think that's weird, but my brother has 3 guitars and he named all of them. haha)
I really like the second picture!

Haley said...

Thanks Shannon! :)

I got it at the store where I take lessons. :) They have TONS of guitars there.

No, it doesn't have a name. ;) I did think about naming it, but decided not to. ;)

Thanks for the comments! :)

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